First Thing Music – A musical starter kit

The ‘first thing’ to grasp is that a Kodály-inspired approach to music breaks things down into three stages which work in a sort of ‘circular motion’, rather like day following night as the planet spins, over and over again, but always accumulating experience and knowledge as the time passes.
These stages are :
• ‘Preparation’ – a time of sub-conscious absorbing – the foundation for knowledge
• ‘Presentation’ – a brief moment, when a concept is formalised and made conscious
• ‘Practice’ – a life-time of creative and practical uses of a skill

With this in mind, we are starting with lots of PREPARATION.
All the songs and rhymes in the First Thing Music collection have been chosen carefully to make extensive preparation for learning about musical concepts. The presentation of musical concepts and the practice of musical skills comes later, when we start thinking about beat, then beat and rhythm, and finally, beat, rhythm and pitch. To begin with – just play!
Teacher preparation begins here :

Download these two pdf files

 RESOURCE FILE- A Kodály Based Approach
 TOP TIPS for teachers 
and look at the article on managing behaviour in a music session.

And look at these supporting videos-

First Thing Music in a Kodaly Inspired Nutshell

The Teacher Perspective – this is a video made at the end of the 2018/19 project with a couple of the teachers who went through the intervention process, and showing some clips from their classrooms.

Foxhill Primary, Bradford.  This video was made in 2017 and illustrates the progress made in a school after several years of working with Kodaly specialist, Sally Leeming.